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"Most Convenient Self Storage In Sterling Heights"

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Packing & Moving Supplies in Sterling Heights, MI

You don’t use a wardrobe box when picking apples, so why would you use bushels or banana boxes to pack up your kitchenware? That’s exactly why Lakeside Budget Storage carries a complete selection of industry-grade packing supplies. We’ll get you on your way to protecting and preserving your valuable belongings faster than you can pop the first bubble on your roll of bubble wrap.

Pack like a Pro with Budget Packing Supplies

All aspects of moving and storage have different packing needs. Lakeside Budget Storage carries them all in our on-site supply depot. Boxes in every size and shape are available; to serve as seasonal clothing storage, to pack up a kitchen on the move, and to box and store the archived files and records your accountant always asks for. You’ll even find packing paper and foam peanuts on hand to make the quick easy move…via postal shipping. Pack it up and ship it off right here at our Hall Rd property. That’s one item checked off your To-Do list.

Don’t Forget Your Moving Supplies

For belongings too big for boxed storage, we offer moving supplies like furniture covers and shrink wrap at our Sterling Heights location. Just as if you were closing down the lake house for the season, you’ll want your stored furnishings clean and ready to use at the start of next season. Whether you have water skis or snow skis, when it’s time to slip them on you want them ready and raring to go. If our U-Haul is loading your belongings in or out of Lakeside Budget Storage, we also carry the rope and tie-down straps to safely transport them. A little extra thought on our part makes all the difference when helping you address the many aspects of a successful moving and storage experience.

Moving and finding storage supplies can be overwhelming. But our professional supplies and guidance can get all your apples in a row in no time…with nary a worm to spoil the bushel.

Storage Supplies for Sale On-Site

  • Moving Boxes, all sizes
  •  Wardrobe boxes
  •  Packing tape & dispensers
  •  Locks
  •  Bubble wrap
  •  Foam peanuts
  •  Packing paper
  •  Dish/glass packing kits
  •  Furniture & mattress covers
  •  Rope
  •  Shrink wrap
  •  Tie down straps
  •  Box cutters & Scissors

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