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"Most Convenient Self Storage In Sterling Heights"

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College Storage in Sterling Heights, MI

When college costs run high and space runs low, Lakeside Budget Storage is here to save the day…and your pay by offering low storage rates.

Your college storage and moving adventure starts with the right U-Haul to get everything here in one piece. The reasonable rental cost sure beats wear and tear on your own vehicle, and you only rent the hauling space you need. That means no bicycle wheel spinning just above your head as you head towards Macomb County down I-94. Our storage also means your bicycle can be at home here during the winter months, when you’re more likely to need snowshoes to get to class than two wheels. Store your seasonal clothing here, too. We all know a parka and ski bib can completely use up your share of a dorm or apartment closet.

Student Storage Rentals

When the time comes for your summer hiatus or semester abroad, there’s no need to cart all your belongings back and forth across the state…or state lines. Start by visiting our business office to pack and ship by post everything you can. Don’t tote on your back what you can have delivered, even across the border. Then store the rest of your student dorm storage in a space at the right size and cost for your storage needs. There’ll be safe and sound behind our state-of-the-art security.

Offering Great Student Storage Rates

As long as you’ve turned Lakeside Budget Storage into the extra square footage your apartment needs, take advantage of our one-stop services to simplify the rest of your life. Don’t let the dorm mail system hold up your deliveries; have them shipped directly to our Hall Rd property. We’re open daily to provide that service, great storage rates and more!

Let Lakeside Budget Storage in Sterling Heights help you make your college home-away-from-home a little more like Home Sweet Home.

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